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A Energia Negra e os Sons Primordiais que Moldaram o Universo
« Online: Abril 03, 2012, 08:12:52 pm »
By studying these hundreds of thousands of galaxies, all dating back to right about the time dark energy emerged as the dominant force in the universe, cosmologists can hopefully learn more about this mysterious...something. Dark energy is everywhere - it likely accounts for about 73% of all the mass-energy in the universe - and fifteen years of astronomical observations tell us that it's absolutely essential to explaining the behavior of the universe.

These acoustic waves were formed just 30,000 years after the Big Bang, as regular matter started collapsing around dense dark matter.

The resultant pressure forged these waves, which oscillated outwards for about 350,000 years, tracing out the future structure of the universe as they went. By the time the universe had cooled enough to stall these waves, matter had clumped around the center and edges of the wave, causing more galaxies to form in these areas than elsewhere.

That's the theory behind these baryon acoustic oscillations, or BAOs, and it turns out all the galaxies spotted by BOSS are exactly where they should be according to the BAO model...assuming dark energy was also there to direct how these countless galaxies cluster together.

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